Variety of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis among the OECD countries. Does it reproduce the old patterns?

Adam Piłat (University of Warsaw)


Phenomenon of the COVID-19 pandemic affected global economy and societies in tremendous way – it rearranged our work routines and social interactions, it affected global value chains and business strategies. However, also response to the COVID-19 challenge provided by governments all over the world has no precedent. The main objective of the research is to verify the hypothesis about the existence of systemic differences between OECD countries in terms of their economic and political responses to the COVID-19 economic challenge. After identification of potential classification of approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic, new typology is compared with existing typologies of capitalism, business systems and welfare states. Research is conducted with application of few methods of cluster analysis. Preliminary results suggest that it is possible to distinguish various strategies of dealing with the COVID-19 economic consequences but demarcation lines significantly differ with previous studies of welfare states and capitalistic systems.

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