Building a Natural Hazard Insurance System (NHIS): the Long-lasting Italian Case

Donatella Porrini (università del salento)
francesco de masi (università del salento)
fabrizio gizzi (ibam - cnr)


Abstract: (1) Background: The worrying growth of extreme natural events and their so-cio-economic impact over time is increasingly fuelling the debate on how to manage disasters in view of developing resilient and sustainable societies. One possible financial tools can be repre-sented by the insurance against natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, and landslides. (2) Methods: In this perspective, the article deals with the legislative attempts to build a Natural Hazard Insurance System (NHIS) in Italy. We analysed the (never promulgated) bills proposed over a time span of about 30 years by: a) artificial intelligence, considering the extraction of rele-vant data by using the text mining technique; b) careful reading of the texts and their cross corre-lated critical analysis. (3) Results show that the bills proposed were about 40 since the eighties of the twentieth century. Bills regard the proposals of both voluntary and semi-compulsory as well as compulsory NHIS. (4) Conclusions and perspective: based on the critical scrutiny of the bills and taking advantage of the international experiences, we supply some insights for the building of a NHIS in Italy.

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