9th Workshop on Economic Analysis of Litigation

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July, 1st-2nd 2022
Campus Luigi Einaudi
Lungodora Siena 100
Turin (Italy)


Objectives of the workshop: the aim of this meeting is to bring together economists, lawyers and social scientists to discuss the problems of justice, courts’ functioning and the litigation process.

Topics: the organizing committee encourages submissions of both theoretical and empirical works, especially in the following topics:

  • Quality of Justice
  • Judicial Independence
  • Judicial Institutions and the economy
  • Judicial Performance
  • Courts’ Organization
  • Judicial Decision-Making
  • Litigation Process
  • Comparative Judicial Systems

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Chen (Toulouse School of Economics)

Organizing Committee: Giuseppe Di Vita, Nuno Garoupa, Alessandro Melcarne, Matteo Migheli, Giovanni B. Ramello and Rok Spruk

A selection of papers will be considered for publication on a special issue of the European Journal of Law and Economics.

Contact / Submission information: a.melcarne@parisnanterre.fr

Previous editions: Catania 2014, Torino 2015, Montpellier 2016, Paris-Nanterre 2017, Hamburg 2018, Granada 2019, online 2020, online 2021.

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