Southern Europe Law and Economics Webinar, June 1, 2023

Posted Sun Apr 16 2023
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French Association of Law and Economics
Italian Society of Law and Economics
Spanish Association of Law and Economics

June 1, 2023

Zoom Platform



  • Sophie Harnay (Université Paris Nanterre), Law and Economics in France
  • Giovanni B. Ramello (Università di Torino), Law and Economics in Italy
  • Gabriel Doménech Pascual (Universidade de Valencia), Law and Economics in Spain


  • Samuel Ferey (Université de Lorraine & BETA), Does Economics Matter? The Role and Importance of Economic Arguments Before the French Constitutional Court
  • Yves Oytana (Université Franche-Comté & CRESE) and Marie Obidzinski (Université Paris Assas & CRED), Algorithmic Prediction, Human Decision and Liability Rules
  • Antonio Davola (University of Bari), Consumer Protection, Relational Decision-Making, and the Regulation of Price Personalization in the Digital Market
  • Angelo Castaldo (University of Rome La Sapienza) On the Existence and Shape of an Environmental Crime Kuznets Curve: A Case Study of Italian Provinces
  • Mireia Artigot (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), Personalized Consumer Contracts and the Limits of Contract Law
  • Juan Mora-Sanguinetti (Senior Economist at Bank of Spain), Quantifying regulation in two areas: gender equality policies and environmental policies. Do they have tangible economic effects?



Scientific coordinators: Giuseppe Bellantuono, Sophie Harnay and Gabriel Doménech Pascual

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