Posted Mon Feb 12 2024
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  • PURPOSE OR STRUCTURE? GOVERNANCE BETWEEN “STAKEHOLDERISM” AND “PURPOSISM” – May 29-30, 2024 Bocconi University - Call for papers

This workshop features among the 2024 initiatives approved by the Department of Management & Technology for developing the discussion among the faculty and international networks of scholars clustering around emerging perspectives. The emerging perspective, even field, is an interdisciplinary management and law approach; in this case applied to contributing to the currently flourishing debate on ‘purposes,’ and corporate purposes in particular. In fact, it became already evident in the criticism to the “shareholderism” that any serious analysis of those issues should also consider inputs from law and economics; and should be highly relevant for core management fields, such as strategy, organization, and control.

The keynote speeches should contribute to clarify the different ways in which purposes can be conceived and justified, to distinguish ethical from efficiency and contractual foundations, and to address enforcement problems.

Contributions from scholars working on the topic from Bocconi and other universities are invited (see Call for papers at the bottom) to foster a multi-directional dialogue.

In order to sustain participatory attendance, interventions/ contributions, especially but not exclusively from Bocconi Faculty in the Departments of Management and of Law, conducting work on the theme are called for. Anyone wishing to present own pertinent work is welcome to send an Abstract to anna.grandori@unibocconi.it, by March 31st . Abstracts will be jointly screened by the four workshop key speakers, and a reply will be given in two weeks.

Given the participation of scholars with editorial capacities in leading journals of the field (European Management Review, Strategic Management Review) and that these journals have a clear interest in governance themes, the workshop may trigger future publication initiatives.

Call for papers

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