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Posted Fri May 06 2022
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The IEL INTERNATIONAL PhD PROGRAMME is an educational pole promoted by a number renowned institutions and based in Torino at Collegio Carlo Alberto 

Other well-known partner institutions are actively cooperating in managing and developing the program and hosting PhD candidates during their mobility.

The PhD title is delivered by the Università di Torino and jointly by some of the partner institutions

The program is currently opening a number of positions for PhD candidates.

For the academic year starting in Winter 2022 there will be available 4 POSITIONS with SCHOLARSHIPS for 3 academic years (other 2 additional scholarships might be been added soon)

The application shall take place not later than MAY 31st, 12:00 p.m. (Central Europe Time) according to the procedure available at the link below:

call for application:;field=file;key=n6e0eodDDlIj0n6LVwxSiA6tRd7GWP1o0yJLq5yZY;t=2539

details on the application:;field=file;key=IbASYhvPGYaYMa8BXEFYk0XLUqaLhXkOZKRq3URJs;t=3293

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