Public policies expectations and personal readiness to relinquish ownership

Bartłomiej Biga (Cracow University of Economics)


In recent years, profound transformations of property institutions have been observed. Most of all, property rights are being weakened and the transfer of ownership is increasingly being replaced by the provision of rental services. To comprehend the extent of contemporary property institution transformations, it is essential to determine if consumers are interested in relinquishing ownership and switching to access on demand. These changes must also be addressed by the state, which in certain situations can replace public policies centered on ownership transfer with those that only temporary access to certain goods is provided.

The subject of analysis of this paper is the correlation between respondents' views on public policies (in the context of ownership transfer or providing temporary access) and personal respondents’ readiness to relinquish ownership of various item categories.

Hypothesis: Individuals who are more supportive of public policies which provide access-based solutions demonstrate a greater personal readiness to relinquish ownership.

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