Maternity benefits in labor law: Bangladesh perspective

Md Tauhedul Islam (Supreme Court of Bangladesh)
Md. Zahidul Islam (Manarat International University)
Rifat Chowdhury (Dhaka Judge Court)


This study is an attempt to find out the present maternity benefits for women workers provided in the Bangladesh Labor Code (amendment) 2013 and to analyze the practices of labor laws regarding maternity benefits in Ready Made Garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh. The study is based on the primary data, collected through interview method by structure questionnaire from 120 women workers and 15 managerial personals of 15 RMG factories in Dhaka city and secondary information was collected from different published materials. The study reveals that 66% women workers have been working during the prohibition time, 94% women workers have obtained maternity benefits but the payment system is very difficult, most of the employers (82%) follow only one option for providing maternity benefits, 90% women workers do not get back to the Garment after their delivery because of many social reasons and 77% employers change the requisite for providing maternity benefits as have served minimum 1 to 3 years instead of 6 months with current employer. So the study suggests that government should take strong monitoring system for effective implementation of the existing Labor Law of the country. The women workers should be conscious about their rights and employers should be cooperative and supportive for maintaining the existing Labor Law of the country.

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