Decomposition of ownership: what makes people ready to give up their property?

Bartłomiej Biga (Cracow University of Economics)


In the contemporary economy, more and more entities have got just the right to use things. Other elements of ownership are controlled by corporations (which are service providers). This is the effect of the popularization of business models where goods are not selling but companies grant users only some access rights - in the subscription model or in payments for a certain use. This applies to even to such categories of goods that recently were the subject of individual property (houses, cars, music collections, software, etc.). This applies to consumers, entrepreneurs and public entities

The research base on a computer-assisted telephone survey (CATI). The interviews were made in June and July 2021 on a representative group of 1,000 people living in Poland. The questionnaire consisted of three parts based on Likert Scale answers. First, the respondents were asked about their previous experience with the right of access (video and audio subscription, car and bicycle rentals). Then, responders were asked about their attitude towards state actions concerning the ownership of selected categories of things (their transfer) or sharing (lending them). The last part of the study referred directly to the readiness to abandon the possession of selected categories of things if convenient access on request to these things is provided.

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