Call for Papers

Dec 17-19 Dec, 2020.

Multi-paper panels. Note that for this year it is limited to following topics

  • TOPIC A: “The economic institutions of capitalism”: “Taking stock, looking ahead”
These track represents a commemorative moment for Oliver E. Williamson. We invite contributions using transaction-cost-based analysis à la Williamson on markets, hierarchies, and semantic and relational contracts.
  • TOPIC B: The (post) Covid-19 crisis: Legal, economic and ethical challenges

For this topic, we invite contributions using a Law-and-Economics angle on issues such as suspensions of competition, labor and bankruptcy legislations, Covid-19 tracking and privacy, state’s intervention in economy, restrictions on personal movement, health vs. economy, management of events disrupting contractual relationships and supply chains.

  • TOPIC C: Law-and-Economics approaches to labour

This topic wants to celebrate Italian Workers’ Statute adopted 50 years ago. We therefore invite contributions on pros and cons of Italian Workers’ Statute for Italian economy. In addition, we consider papers on new research avenues such as technological monitoring of employees, workers’ protections in a gig economy, and the role of robotics and AI in future jobs and labour markets.

  • TOPIC D: Behavioral Law and Economics applied to public policies issues

This topic includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of policies grounded on the regulation of new technologies, the regulation of environmental and sustainability issues, the comparison of legal systems with behavioral approaches and experimental data.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2020-10-18.

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