Società Italiana di Diritto ed Economia, SIDE - ISLE 2015 - 11TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE

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Confiscated mafia assets in Italy and social capital: the empirical evidence
Ferdinando Ofria, Pietro David

Last modified: 2015-12-05


The goal of this work is to show that, as confirmed by econometric results, in the territories where there are assets confiscated to the mafia to be reused for social purposes, in the past years there has been a sense of redemption from the “civil society” in respect of organized crime. In fact, in many municipalities of Southern Italy, characterized by social re-use experiences of real estate confiscated at the organized crime, the Mayoral election results have awarded parties and/or civic movements that presented themselves as alternatives to traditional ones (both center-right and center-left). This result was more evident in those municipalities where the electoral system contemplated a round of balloting among candidates for mayors. In fact, for these municipalities empirical analysis has detected a significant influence of the variable "Properties confiscated and managed" (a "proxy" for social capital) on "Election Results for mayor"; providing this research with important elements of originality in the context of the literature on the subject.

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