Getting economists and jurists to work together

This workshop will address with a very pragmatic, multidimensional, and hands-on approach the difficult but mutually beneficial interaction between economists and jurists in the field of law & economics.

 The workshop will be organized in three main steps:

First, upon registration, participants will fill a short questionnaire about their research interests and their views about interdisciplinary collaboration between economists and jurists. The answers will be then useful to the next steps of the event.

Second, there will be a round table with economists and jurists – including members of academic associations – that will share their views and formulate suggestions about how to do interdisciplinary collaboration and reflect on the institutional support that such collaboration may benefit from.

Third, building on the previous two steps, participants will join the round-table speakers in group discussions on how economists and jurists can work together. Groups will be created on the basis of the participants’ research interests.

The workshop will conclude with a general discussion. Hopefully, future collaboration between participants will be prompted by the workshop.

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