Interdisciplinarity in the Future of L&E

The welcome session of the SIDE-ISLE Conference 2019 focuses on the interdisciplinary dimension of Law and Economics.

The session begins with a Workshop focused on how to stimulate interpersonal collaboration between lawyers and economists. The workshop mixes online and offline, and participants have ample opportunity to engage with the speakers.

The workshop is followed by the presentation of a recent Global Jurist Special issue on Calabresi’s The Future of Law and Economics, in which the reflection on how to nourish interdisciplinarity is paramount.

  • 16.00-18.00: Workshop: Stimulating Collaboration
    Chairperson: Matteo Rizzolli Speakers: F. Denozza, A. Grandori, A. Nicita, K. Pistor and D. Williamson Moderator: F. Esposito
  • 18.00-18.30: Presentation of the Special Issue “On The Future of Law and Economics by Guido Calabresi. An Interdisciplinary Dialogue”, Global Jurist, 3/2019 (De Gruyter)
    Introductory remarks: P. Silvestri and A. Stojanovic (Guest Editors) Roundtable: F. Denozza, A. Grandori, A. Nicita, K. Pistor and D. Williamson
  • 18.30: Welcome Cocktail

The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate collaboration between economists and lawyers on topics of common interest. A first way to stimulate collaboration is training individual scholars in both disciplines. This is the model predominant in the US context. A second way to address the issue is the creation of the institutional space for interpersonal collaboration between economists and jurists. This second approach reduces the individual investment in interdisciplinarity drastically but raises additional challenges.

The intuition animating the workshop is that there is a potential for interpersonal collaboration in a European, and especially Italian context. The challenge is, therefore, identifying the institutional barriers to this collaboration and finding ways to reduce them.

The workshop activity can be divided into three main phases:

  • A preliminary phase, taking place online, where each participant will be asked to share their views about interdisciplinary collaboration (and lack of), to shed some light on 
  1. Where we stand
  2. The Obstacles we face in collaborating,
  3. Areas of that would benefit from collaboration, as well as sharing
  4. Tips about best practices.
The survey can be accessed here.
  • A roundtable, where experts will share their views about the above-mentioned points, followed by a horizontal discussion where the various participants will have ample space to brainstorm about the promises of and challenges to interpersonal collaboration.
  • The event will conclude with the inauguration of LawEconCollaborate, a Google Group designed to facilitate the meeting of economists and jurists who are willing to engage in interpersonal collaboration. Interested scholars can post requests of collaboration, ask for advice, orientation, etc. The group can be accessed at this link. To register, you can also write an email to After registration, you can post directly on the group or by sending an email to

With the occasion, the organizers will present SIDE Announcements, the SIDE official mailing list.

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